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Profile of Umi

For me, dance is a gift from life.

With a curiosity for unknown places, I have traveled to various parts of the world since my teenage years, and eventually encountered belly dance. In 2006, I started to learn belly dance with Mishaal, at Devadasi Studio, Tokyo. In her lessons, Mishaal never taught choreography and everything was completely improvised. She drew out the individuality and beauty of each of her students, encouraged them to connect to the music, and dance what they felt in the moment. I was deeply inspired by Mishaal’s originality and her goddess-like presence, and delved into the world of belly dance. READ MORE

about Shakti Spilit ~ Goddess Dance ~

Let’s celebrate life, and the joy of being a woman together!

We will go on a slow inner journey through dance, inspired by the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind and air), the chakras (energy centers in our body), and goddesses from all over world. We will put our busy daily lives on the side, connect with nature, relax and heal ourselves. READ MORE

about Odissi Dance

The oldest Indian classical dance forms

Its history is said to date back to 100 BC, and it is known to be performed predominantly by the Mahari (temple dancers) at the Jagannath Temple in the holy land, Puri. READ MORE



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