Goddess Dance

Shakti is the feminine life force that gives life to all kinds of things.

The Goddess is a symbol of the feminine mystical life force, and the love and harmony that encompasses everything. It is the ultimate essence of who we are, and it is love and joy itself.
When we express our sexuality freely, and when our body, soul, and inner goddess are in harmony, our awareness shifts to a higher dimension and a deeper sense of peacefulness and happiness can be felt. We will go on a slow inner journey through dance, inspired by the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind and air), the chakras (energy centers in our body), and goddesses from all over world. 
We will put our busy daily lives on the side, connect with nature, relax and heal ourselves.
This is not a dance aimed at performing, but more like a moving meditation. Let’s express our essence, which is love, joy, sexuality and femininity. We will connect to the music, the space, our inherent shakti power and our true selves!

You may not have encountered such a workshop before, so this description may not make sense to you. But instead of trying to understand it, focus on experiencing and feeling it. This workshop is not aimed at brushing up your dance technique, or at performing for others. It is for healing yourself through dance, so no prior dance experience is required.
All women are welcome.

Let’s celebrate life, and the joy of being a woman together!

In a world driven by masculinity, it became the norm for women to live and work like men. In such a world, there are competitions, comparisons, and extreme reliance on logical thinking, which undeniably leads to stress. Women unconsciously shut off their natural senses in order to deal with life in such a world.
Our inherent shakti power is about “being”, instead of “doing” to achieve a certain purpose.

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