With a curiosity for unknown places, I have traveled to various parts of the world since my teenage years, and eventually encountered belly dance.
In 2006, I started to learn belly dance with Mishaal, at Devadasi Studio, Tokyo. In her lessons, Mishaal never taught choreography and everything was completely improvised. She drew out the individuality and beauty of each of her students, encouraged them to connect to the music, and dance what they felt in the moment. I was deeply inspired by Mishaal’s originality and her goddess-like presence, and delved into the world of belly dance.

In 2009, I moved from Tokyo to Istanbul, Turkey. There, I became a fusion dancer for the Turkish rock band, Babazula, and performed at their Turkey/Europe tour for three years. In 2014, I relocated from Turkey to South India, and started to explore Odissi dance, one of the classical Indian dance forms.
I am especially drawn to the sacred aspect of Odissi dance (a dance that is danced inside a temple) and I practice on a daily basis.
In 2016, I started to share my long-held vision, Goddess Dance (a dance that connects you to your inner self) workshops, in India and Thailand.

For me, dance is a gift from life.

It is not only a way to brush up my technique and show my performance skills, but it is also a path to gain various healing abilities, and a tool that enriches my life.
Diving into dance meant I could not avoid looking within, and the blessings l received from this was tremendous.
 Having been inspired at workshops taught by dancers with a holistic approach, and also by the music and dance I encountered in my various travels, I’ve always had a vision to empower women through dance.
I feel joy when I connect with women from within through dance.
Though still in the midst of my journey, I would like to share this vision little by little with women around the world, grow with them, and shine from within. Awakening to the beauty of women and brightening this world gives me immense joy.

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